Frankton Rum - Remembering 'The Cockleshell Heroes'

80 years ago, Operation Frankton, 7/12 December 1942, popularly known as "The Cockleshell Heroes", tells how a handful of Royal Marines paddled 70 miles up the River Gironde during the hours of darkness. They took 5 days to reach Bordeaux, where they laid explosive charges on enemy shipping. This limited edition rum brings attention to an incredible act of bravery and one of many remarkable stories in our military history.

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Shining a light on a special operation

Operation Frankton was a top secret stealth mission conducted under the cover of darkness, casting no light and making little noise. The black out design of Frankton Rum's label and outer packaging is designed to reflect the stealthy nature of the operation. When moved under direct light, the story comes to life, like moonlight catching the outline of our heroes in the night.

Frankton Rum is an 8 year old Barbados Rum from a pot and column still blend, distilled using the finest molasses and matured in ex-Bourbon and American oak casks. Only 80 bottles sold.

Supporting the 80th-anniversary memorial operation

2nd December 2022, A group of combined serving and veteran RM, RAF and Army will attempt the same route with the purpose to raise money and awareness of both the heroic action taken by these brave men 80 years ago and Veteran Charities which help and support our brave men and women of military services today.

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