DropZone Brewery is extremely proud to have the backing of a former Assistant Chief of Defence Staff, Major General Jonathan Shaw CB CBE

For a beer brand that has been launched for vets, by vets, recognition from our peers is very important to us and when it comes to Jonathan and his service for Queen and Country, few have applied themselves with more passion and class.

Shaw joined the Parachute Regiment in 1981. During his 32 year career, he served as Director Special Forces and commanded a division in Iraq in 2007. He was Colonel Commandant of the Parachute Regiment until his retirement in 2012.

Talking about DropZone and what beer means to the vet community, he said: ‘There’s something about Service life that creates a thirst. Hot and sweaty deserts, arid air bases, locked below decks on a DD/FF – too much time on your hands and no beer. It’s a cold beer that marks the transition to relaxation and normality.

‘It’s the deprivations and hardships of Service life that create the lasting bonds that few if any other walk of life can match. And it’s over a beer that these bonds are cemented once the hardship is over – this is why beer has this exalted status for veterans.

‘DropZone will help vets remember the beers of the past and the stories attached to them while encouraging us all to look to the future.

‘Every beer tells a story, and DropZone will create a few of its own.’

Here at DropZone, we’re also proud to commit 20% of all profits to the military community to enrich the lives of current and former service people. To find out more, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.