Dropzone collaborated with Bristol based design agency Arobase Creative to brand the limited edition Falklands Collection and create our award winning packaging.

Dropzone and Arobase Creative have worked together previously on the packaging for Valkyrie, Frankton Rum and also launched our new ecommerce website. We have a great working relationship and are really excited about the future releases that are in the pipeline.

Arobase Creative submitted the Falklands 40th Anniversary Collection to the UK Packaging Awards earlier in 2022. The project was shortlisted as one of three finalists in the 'Branding Project of the Year' category and it was up against eleven in the 'Limited Edition Project of the Year' category. The project took home both awards, up against some serious competition and household names.

The awards are a great recognition of what we try to do at Dropzone. Our premium, limited edition spirits are designed to tell old stories, to commemorate lives lost, mark moments in time and to celebrate our history. And to do so tastefully with a great sensitivity to all that are impacted before, during and after conflicts.

From Arobase Creative...

"With three individual themes of Land, Sea and Air, we took inspiration from uniform colours, military insignia and historic photographs to create a premium and contemporary spirit brand that preserves the history of such an event. Leaving no stone unturned our research took us into the Imperial War Museum archives where we were able to source the amazing work of war photographers, battle maps and original documents including the instrument of surrender.

The ragged edge of the label was inspired by the mountainous landscape of the Falklands while the bottom of the label incorporates a 'batch label' - a traditional mark of quality and reflective of vintage spirit labelling."

From Sean Crawford (Dropzone)...

"The creativity, sensitivity and attention to detail demonstrated on this project has been instrumental to the success of our sell out limited edition run, of which all profits have supported SAMA82.

We have received glowing praise from both veterans and their families, including that of high ranking Victoria Cross winners. The Falklands Commemorative Spirit Collection is a truly special tribute to those who served in the Falklands war.

Today I sat with a large group of ex and still serving members of airborne forces and sold a set in auction for over £3000. Everyone in the room made many comments on the amazing design and how impressed they were."

UK Packaging Awards Judges...

“Judges found this a truly unique limited edition pack with a story to match. Uniquely batch coded to represent the lives lost in the Falklands. Every feature was carefully applied with great care and the entry was well explained and distinctive.”

“Judges were very impressed with the great design and brand on this pack. Judges felt the pack had layer after layer of super compelling and relevant detail delivered by impressive use of substrate, graphic print design and finishing. A well thought through project with excellent research and an all-round inclusion of the whole story.”