Rum has a long association with Her Majesty’s United Armed Forces, stretching back to the 1700s and becoming an iconic part of the British soldier and sailor on campaign. What many saw as a morale-booster, a daily rum ration lifted soldiers’ spirits at a time of great concern and despair.

In the 1st World War Canadian infantryman Ralph Bell wrote that, “when the days shorten, and the rain never ceases; when the sky is ever grey, the nights chill, and trenches thigh deep in mud and water; when the front is altogether a beastly place, in fact, we have one consolation. It comes in gallon jars, simply marked SRD.”

Rum was used as a combat motivator for the officers and soldiers in battle, a medicine for the injured, and as part of the reward system. As a nuanced tool in supporting morale, it produced results to the point that was perhaps not surprising with one soldier claiming: “If we hadn’t had our rum, we would have lost the war.”

Therefore, focusing on the symbolism of rum for military personnel, while marking the bravery and heroism of all those who answer the call of duty to serve, DropZone has crafted a unique limited-edition rum. Distilled using the finest molasses in ex-bourbon and American oak cask, our eight-year-old blend packs a punch with every sip. With a cask strength of 65% it really is a drink to remember as you toast to comrades past and present, celebrating the good times and reflecting on the harder times.

A top-shelf beverage, we recommend our rum is enjoyed neat or with a drop of water to fully enjoy the blend of flavours and tastes.

Why the name Valkyrie? In Norse mythology, the Valkyries are the female figures who choose those who may die in battle and those who will live, taking their chosen to the afterlife hall of the slain, Valhalla. These myths and legends have longstanding ties with military and naval traditions and here at DropZone we have crafted our rum (and our gin!) to honour those men and woman who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

DropZone’s rum not only features Valkyries and Odin, but also Huginn and Muninn, the ravens that fly all over the world to bring information (intelligence) to the god Odin. These myths and legends are iconic in relation to the armed forces.

As with all our beverages, we are proud to confirm all profits will go towards military and mental health charities, supporting men and women at a time of great need.